Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is always a good choice for new sites and small business hosting needs. Netadepto is providing the most reliable, secure and uptime hosting services across worldwide.

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Powerful Shared Services

We were able to go ahead of the competition because to our skilled remote staff, regular data backups, and servers that were 20 times quicker. An established leader in the shared hosting industry. All of your data will be backed up daily, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, and we provide round-the-clock assistance. Pick the strategy that will have the most impact on your company and get going right away.
Web-based access to your e-mail accounts
Dedicated SSL certificates to ensure security especially for e-commerce site
Server Management & Web Logs Email Administration
Smart SSD storage & load balancing
Free Domain Registration upon buying email hosting au
24/7 available professional Technical Support
Shared, VPS or Dedicated WordPress hosting
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Each Plan Contains

Track, Buy, renew, park and transfer your domains in one place. Also, get business and premium domains, sub-domains, administrator control plus best domain hosting.
Grow Your Business
Startup with less and upgrade to powerful options later. Just a few clicks and your plan will upgrade in minutes.
Remote Hands
A dedicated IT expert teams to manage, update, and maintain your server. Moreover solving your issues and providing the best solution possible.
Resources Protection
Our Automation finds and isolates the website consuming resources excessively. This minimizes the most notorious risk of shared hosting au. Securing resources for your website and enhancing its performance.
SSL/TLS Certification
Pre-installed essential SSL certificates to provide end-to-end encryption from your web visitor browser to your server. Securing your sensitive information, confidential data, and e-commerce transactions.
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Why choose shared hosting with us:

Multi-Server Management
Want multiple accounts? Easily add up VPS, shared, or dedicated servers within one account. A single login to manage your entire shared server hosting services anywhere, anytime at one platform.
Access Control
Generate unique and strong passwords. Restrict unauthorized access to your account in certain areas. Create one for billing procedures, Cpanel needs different, and one for dedicated server access. Significantly, a master key to access all of them.
Incredible fast
Super performing SSDs within the OpenStack Platform. For Improved agility, we are providing you 3X faster speed along with KVM virtualization.
Make Your Site Visible
Our professionals will design, run, and optimize your website while you can focus on advancing your business.

We guaranteed you:

Equal distribution of rental costs of the server. The cost of providing the server is shared by the sites, which help finance their consumption.
If the shared server comes across a technical incident, our expert tech staff will repair the machines and of course, implement all the means necessary to ensure that the sites are brought back online as soon as possible.
Provision of pre-installed packages. These software bundles, like WordPress, Weebly, or Shopify, include scripts and various tools that provide a complete package at your fingertips.
Implementation of shared hosting very fast. In a few minutes, customers can access their data, the server is already operational since it hosts other sites and therefore the site can be put online immediately.
All of the server management and administration tasks that must be performed regularly are performed by us, relieving your sites from having to watch for announcements of possible security breaches.
Automatic backup of sites that share the disk space of a server to guarantee its customers against hardware failures.

Upgrade your shared hosting any time

If a website is successful, sooner or later it will have to mobilize resources in an increasingly significant way, which will push it to change its web hosting au plan. Upgrade your services anytime and enjoy industry-leading shared hosting services. Acquire advanced features or level up your account with the advantage of optional add-ons.

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